Meet the Team, Join the Team.

Lon Spencer is President of Spencer Enterprises, Inc. and is a civil engineer by trade.  Lon is former Navy and served in the Navy Reserves for 25+ years.  Lon received his engineering degree from the University of Missouri at Rolla and spent the first decade of his employed life at OG&E, where he served in a multitude of capacities including the design of OG&E’s structural foundations.  Lon left OG&E and started his own company in the 80’s.  After successfully running his company for over a decade, Lon purchased Powers Drilling in 1995 and changed the name of the company to Spencer Enterprises, Inc.  Lon enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors working around his property with his wife of almost 50 years, Katherine.

Kevin Judd was imported to Spencer Enterprises, Inc. from the banking industry in 2011, so it’s no surprise he has a passion for sales and a knack for crunching numbers in estimating bids.  He also assists in the scheduling and coordination of current projects.  Kevin is married to his wife Lindsay, and together they have three young daughters.  He is a native Oklahoman and die-hard sportsman.  When Kevin is not in the office, you can bet he’s either in the woods hunting or spending quality time with his family.

Spencer Enterprises, Inc. is committed to providing an environment that encourages employee achievement and success through teamwork.  Our team is critical to the success of each of our projects.  SEI is often looking for experienced and dedicated individuals who have the desire to work for our successful organization.  SEI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, or national origin.

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